The Lake County Historical Society has been collecting since 1938.  Its research holdings are vast and can be of great assistance to anyone doing research for a family history, a topical subject, or for collecting raw data.  The LCHS holds approximately 3000 surname files or boxes in its Genealogy Room, has over 10,000 photographs that are digitized and available to  view on a computer screen, has hundreds of period maps, has old telephone directories, and has a research library of reference  books covering local city and township histories, Lake County histories, Ohio county histories, and many other state histories such as those of Connecticut and New York where many of the Western Reserve settlers came from.  Our Collections Staff and Volunteers are happy to help you with your research project.

Anyone wishing to use the library should make an appointment in advance stating the research topic. The Collections Staff or Volunteers will do preliminary research and have related items from the collection available at the time of the appointment as well as be available to assist with further research. At the time of the appointment, a researcher will be seated at a work station with access to a computer. Collections Staff or Volunteers will assist the researcher in using the library database to conduct keyword searches of our holdings.

1. LCHS members do not pay the $7.00 fee to do research in the library. Other fees apply.
2. Non-members of LCHS must pay the following fees to do research using the library:
a. $7.00 flat fee for adults
b. $3.00 student fee
c. $25.00 per hour for LCHS staff doing research for someone who cannot make an appointment to do research at the History Center.
d. Copies of documents are $.25 per copy.
e. Fees for photo reprints or digital images are as follows:
• $15.00 per image whether an 8×10 print or digital form
• $45.00 per 11×14 framed print
• $65.00 per 16×20 framed print
f. $100.00 licensing fee for reproduction or publication of the image or artifact.