How to Help Donate and Sustain

What is the best way for you to help preserve Lake County’s history? Well, that all depends on you!

We have a variety of ways you can help. You can volunteer, become a member, make a donation, or even host a fundraising event on our behalf. Here are some things we think you should know as you help preserve Lake County’s history.


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Fundraising for the Lake County Historical Society

By hosting your own fundraiser on our behalf, you are supporting an organization that has been in existence since 1938. Our mission is to utilize all available resources to promote a sense of community through the establishment of Lake County history in local classrooms, the education of the public, and the preservation of archives and artifacts. Your help in achieving this mission is paramount to our success.

Ideas for fundraisers:

  • 5K Bike/Run
  • Golf/Kickball/Bowling Tournament
  • Fundraising Page
  • Dinner Party (perhaps with a historic theme?)
  • Community Hot Dog Roast
  • A Toast to the End of Prohibition (Dec. 5th) at your local watering hole

If you are interested in obtaining a ToolKit for hosting your own fundraiser on behalf of the Lake County Historical Society, please contact Lea Filson, Executive Director, at 440-639-2945 or email her at