Lake Metroparks history

How Much Do You Know About Lake Metroparks?

In 1958 a group of citizens from Lake County had a vision of a local park system. Our county shared acreage with two state designated wild and scenic rivers, various watersheds and open space as well as many tributaries.  Utilizing existing state and local laws the year 1959 saw this vision become a reality with the donation of land in Painesville.  Today more than 35 park properties exist and over a million visitors have experienced nature’s wonders thru various programming unparalleled by most other park systems local or state.  Let’s test your park IQ?  Good Luck!


  1. What is the name of the first park (1959) in Lake Metroparks?
  2. What park has an underground wine cellar?
  3. What is the name of the Native Americans that built the mounds at Indian Point?
  4. What Lake Metroparks facility is next to a building that has a ‘Ghost Cat?”
  5. What park has an 1850 steamship tragedy associated with it?
  6. Which park is home to Lake County’s largest inland pond?
  7. Which park is connected with the Linhart Murder?
  8. Which park is built along the old B&O Railroad line?
  9. Which three parks have Buckeye Trails running through them?
  10. Which park has an observation tower for you to climb?
  11. A new fishing park will open in late 2017 at this park?
  12. What park was the site of the former Camp Klein?
  13. The Rockefeller estate had this park at one time in history. Name it.

Submitted by Dan Maxson  – Local Lore by Max – The News-Herald 2010-2016  –  Volunteer Trustee / curator – FHHS/ Fair[port Harbor Lighthouse & Marine museum –   Volunteer curator / docent – The Old Stone School in Concord Twp.

Answers: 1. Helen Hazen Wyman. 2. Pine Ridge.  3. Whittlesey. 4.  Fairport Harbor Lakefront Lakefront lodge. 6.Veteran’s Park.  7. Hell Hollow. 8. Greenway Corridor. 9.  Chapin, Girdled Greenway. 10.  Lake Erie Bluffs. 11. Painesville Township. 12.  Environmental Learning Center.  13.  Pete’s Pond.

Some questions were provided by the LMP Volunteer Dept. Staff