Current Exhibits to excite your mind

Healing Hands of Lake County: 19th Century Medicine

The Crown Jewelers: John Rich

100 Years Since World War I

Dining with the Superintendent

This smart quartet of new exhibits awaits visitors at the History Center.

Master Violet Ray John B. Rich Jr. in front the store 089 DSCF1622

Other exhibits to enjoy:


Formation of an Election: Voting Lake County

In this 2016 election year, we have brought you politicians and issues from 1840 through the 20th century. See a letter from Susan B. Anthony, listen to President Nixon’s campaign song, take a campaign selfie, and check out a local politician’s 1970’s plaid pants. When you’re all done, make sure to vote in our 1840-present ballot and we will announce election winners and issues in November!

The Garfields: The Next Generation Garfield Next Generation

The Garfield family after the President’s assassination has had a continuing influence on Lake County History.  In this exhibit we tell the story of Lucretia and her widowhood as well as Lucretia and her sons, James and Abram’s, role starting the Mentor Library.  In this room are beautiful collection pieces from the LCHS collection that help tell the story of the Garfields and the era in which they lived.

Willoughby Town: The Interurban in Lake County

On display is the model trolley system of the CP&E interurban railroad created by Jim Billson.  It is an “O” gauge system that operates just like the interurban system through overhead wires that actually hold a low electric charge.  Cars just like those that ran on the interurban can be driven around the tracks.  Learn about how the interurban influenced the expansion of development in Lake County.  The model trolley system was donated to the LCHS by Morgan Leyes.


Magical Musical Machine

Magical Musical Machines

Magical Musical Machines.  The LCHS is one of only nine museums in the country with working music boxes on display from the International Music Box Society.  We have nine boxes on loan from the Music Box Society and five boxes on loan from Lawrence Logan of Perry.  Everyone who hears the boxes demonstrated says the same thing, “The sound is so beautiful!”

IMG_1035Doris Martin Doll Houses

It looks so real, but it’s so small!  Doris Martin was a life-long resident of Willoughby.  Her hobby for over 40 years was creating miniature displays.  She designed, built, and arranged all of her miniature displays herself purchasing miniature pieces at conventions or festivals.  If Doris couldn’t find a piece to fit her vision of the display, she made it herself.  Doris entered many competitions winning many prizes.  Also on display are several of Doris’s watercolor paintings of old Willoughby.

Blue Coats Room Display

A museum within a museum to honor our First Responders in Lake County.  The Lake County Blue Coats Association has an exhibit honoring police and firefighters from Lake County.  The history of law enforcement and safety is exhibited with artifacts such as weapons, uniforms, firefighting gear, and much more.  Children may enjoy getting their pictures taken wearing costume police or firefighter uniforms.