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Education at the History Center

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Preschool/Kindergarten Programs   

($5/preschool child  –  $8/kindergarten child; min $100, onsite or offsite)

Little Indians: Native Americans for Preschoolers

Children will learn what an Archaeologist does, and what an artifact is by participating in an archaeological dig! They will learn how native Americans lived and make a necklace of their own to take home.  This program works great at Thanksgiving or any time of the year. (60-90 minutes)

Quilts Tell a Story

Pioneers used quilts for much more than just keeping warm. Learn about the different patterns pioneers used, how quilts were sewn together, and make your very own paper quilt to take home! (60 minutes)

The 4 Seasons of Pioneer Travel

From Sleighs in winter to covered wagons, this is a great program to teach children about how pioneers traveled during all 4 seasons. Students will make their own 4 season travel journal with a fully-dressed Pioneer! (60 minutes)

Gingerbread Christmas

Experience the holiday with active Gingerbread stories and cookie decorating.  (60 minutes)

Sleigh Bells

Learn about the days of sleigh rides and make a sleigh bell craft.  (60 minutes)

Elementary Programs

Pioneer School – 2nd-5th Grade: Our award winning “Experience Ohio” program takes your students onto the 1824 Western Reserve’s frontier where they will bake johnnycake on the hearth of an 1813 log cabin, carry out children’s chores, recite traditional school house lessons in a one-room school and take home a hand dipped candle of their making. This is experiential learning at its most dynamic. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, children will leave with an appreciation of hard work, and perseverance while they compare the present and the past. Visit “You Tube – Lake County Historical Society pioneer School” to see our program in action. Workbooks provided. Length 2.5 hours, Available Apr-Oct, $8/student, Minimum $100
 Ken Malberti in Village
Walking in Their Moccasins – 4th-5th Grade: Our Native American program is a Pre-Historic Native American program focused on the people who lived on the southern shores of Lake Erie, with emphasis on the Late Pre-historic Whittlesey culture. In our unique indoor classrooms, one of which recreates a Native American village complete with a wigwam, artifacts are used to learn about Lake County’s prehistoric periods back to the Paleo Era. Then your students have hands-on interaction with pottery-making, gardening, corn grinding, atlatl throwing, and a necklace to take home. Length 2.5 hours, Available Apr-Oct, $8/student, Minimum $100


Tally Ho – 3rd, 4th Grade: This traveling field trip to Painesville town square focuses on economics and government. A visit with an entrepreneur teaches the concepts of scarcity, the factors of production, distribution and consumption. At the Lake County administration building, students learn about local government to see how it works for the good of the people and have a hands-on opportunity to use voting machines. Lastly, students visit a judge in his courtroom to teach about the law and the three branches of government and how they work together. By the end of this field trip, students have a better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in order to examine and evaluate ideals, and to participate in community life and the American democratic system. Length ~4 hours, Available Apr-Oct, $8/student, Minimum $200


A Journey Back in Time to Little Mountain – 4th Grade: An Integrated Science/Social Studies Program. Presented in collaboration with Holden Arboretum, this new field trip targets fourth grade science and social studies standards by taking students on a journey back in time. Little Mountain was once the destination of choice for wealthy Cleveland families looking to trade the dirt of downtown for a cool breeze and a view of the lake. They built magnificent hotels to spend their summers at. On the students journey up the mountain they will meet first-person interpreters to learn what life was like during the mid to late 1800s for staff and guests on the mountain. Students will also engage in hands-on science activities to learn about the landforms and environment. Length 2.5 hours, Available Apr-Oct, $8/student, Minimum $140, Maximum students 60


Little Pioneer – K-1st: Go back to the early 1800’s. Learn about school taught by rote, meet a pioneer and hear stories of how they survived and differences to what they left back east, roll a beeswax candle to take home, learn about trade in a general store, understand how seasons affected chores. Length: 2 hours, Available Apr-Oct, $8/student, Minimum $100

Specialty Programs

Girl Scout “Playing the Past” Badge – Take your troop to the past to learn how they lived.  Select a real person from the 1850 census, dress the period, experience how they lived through activities in our Pioneer Village.  (90 Minutes; $8/child, minimum $75)

Christmas Workshops – Bring your group and experience a Christmas workshop.  Decorate cookies, make a craft, meet father Christmas, and more. (90 minutes; $8/child, minimum $100)

No bus? No problem! These programs can be done anywhere!

Township Game – 3rd-4th: This game uses natural resources, a surveyors map & legend, and fun competition to let students experience developing a town on the Western Reserve frontier just like was done in the 1800’s. While they are building the town, students learn about the Northwest Ordinance and how it influenced how the land was developed. Can be done at the History Center or your classroom. Length: 1.5 hours, $75/classroom (up to 25 students)


Ohio History Day: Choose from a variety of Ohio historic tradition programs. Select at least one program per classroom. We will tailor the program to your needs – just ask!
• Relics vs. Replicas – learn the difference between relics & replicas through historic artifacts
• Quilts Tell a Story – hear a story and learn the meanings of quilt patterns
• Make A Quilt – paper quilt block of the Ohio Star pattern will be made
• Ohio Folk Songs – fun with folk songs
• Pioneer Toys and games – Play with toys adored by generations of pioneer children
• Not Your Father’s Garage – Learn about the tools used by father’s of yesterday.
• Woodworking – Learn about woodworking tools of the past
• Archaeological Dig – participating in a mini-dig to find and analyze fossils and historical artifacts
These can be done at the History Center or your classroom. Each activity is approximately 35 minutes in length. Program can be done for multiple classes on the same day – Select one activity per class. Cost: $75/activity (up to 25 students)
* 20% discount for Pioneer School attendees


History Break: Select any one program from our History Day activities and we will come to you for a break in you day. Great Friday or testing relief activity. Can be done for a single or multiple classes. Cost: $75/activity, up to 25 students