Destination Lake County

Ohio’s smallest county has the most history. Summer is finally in the air and people are eager to get out and about once again.  Destination Lake County invites you to be a tourist in your own back yard.  Here are highlights of just a few unique historical sites worthy of visiting this summer.  Each location offers a glimpse into our history, a snapshot in time not to be forgotten.

Tour Stop #1. Painesville Depot – 475 Railroad Street, Painesville

Open Friday evenings 6-9pm, this former New York Central Depot was the gem of the line till it closed in 1971. President Lincoln stopped here.  Soldiers off to WWI and WWII stopped here.  The building architecture as well as Rail Fanning Days make it a must see.

Tour Stop #2. Lake County History Center – 415 Riverside Drive, Painesville

Open Tuesday thru Saturday, this museum site features the history of the Interurban, 19th century Medicine, Blue Coats, Crown Jeweler John Rich and more for summer 2017.

Tour Stop #3. Indian Point Park, Leroy

This Lake Metropark property totals more than 450 acres and while small by some park standards, it contains a fair amount of local history. The Whittlesey Culture is noted by a historic marker at the upper point.  The story of Charles Lyman and WWI is on display and both the Grand River and Paine Creek will appease any and all nature lovers.

Tour Stop #4. Fairport Harbor Lighthouse & Marine Museum – 129 Second Street, Fairport Harbor

Huntington Beach, the LaSalle Historic Marker, UGRR history, the Mormon Migration, USLSS/USCG history, and an 1825-1925 Lighthouse Museum make this a perfect one day trek.

Tour Stop #5. Old Stone Schoolhouse -7125 Ravenna Road, Concord Twp.

This 1840 one-room schoolhouse contains not only the history of the county’s earliest public education system but also is home to collections of early industry and agriculture. The story of Chair Factory Falls, Johnnycake Ridge Road, Little Mountain Hotels and more await visitors.  The museum is open for select events  monthly and by appointment.

Tour Stop #6. Willoughby Welcome Center– 2 E. Spaulding Street, Willoughby

The Center occupies the former 1908 Barnes House in downtown adjacent to City Hall. This former livery owner site shares the history of Willoughby, most notably the former Willoughby Medical College and businesses.

Submitted by Dan Maxson –  Local Lore by Max – The News-Herald, 2010-2016 – Trustee / Docent – FHHS/Fairport Harbor Lighthouse & Marine Museum – Curator/Docent-Old Stone School, Concord Twp.