Indian Point Park: Ohio Historical Marker 27-43 – 2009 

Lower Point – 12951 Seeley Rd Leroy Twp.

Upper Point – 13165 Seeley Rd Leroy Twp

As the fall season winds down, there is still time to enjoy a brisk hike thru history in one of eastern Lake County’s often overlooked parks – Indian Point

Fast Facts –

  • 408 total acres
  • Listed on the National Park Services Historic Places
  • Whittlesey Culture occupied a 100’ ridge & constructed stockade villages on the bluffs 900AD-1650 AD (heyday -1200)
  • Charles Whittlesey an Ohio Geologist circa 1837 uncovered the history of the tribes in this area and is credited with their story / artifact recovery as well as final naming of the Whittlesey Culture
  • Phelps family was deeded the property in 1802 from the Connecticut Land Company / Western Reserve
  • Charles Lyman acquired the property (corner of Grand River & Paine Creek) in 1901
  • Lyman started a military camp for H.S. boys on the site named Camp Wissolohican. More than 150 boys participated in the camp thru 1915
  • Next life was as a Finnish Camp – Kaleva Lodge thru the 1970s (included sauna)
  • Lake Metroparks bought it from John Phelps in 1964.


Submitted by Dan Maxson

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